What customers say about Mama Melon™

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Mama Melon™ products have received many 5 star reviews on Etsy.

Alove***** Etsy
This definitely promotes breast milk.... Drank 4 cups as instructed and in the morning had full breasts.
Steffany***** Etsy
I always get compliments when wearing this scarf. It's stylish and so soft and breathable!! Needed this esp living in Hawaii!! My baby isn't sweating while eating!
Laura***** Etsy
Nice flavour and very effective nursing tea. This coming from a momma who has troubles with milk supply.
Kelsey***** Etsy
Wonderful tea and I feel it has really helped! I am a working mom so I have to pump at work. I am desperate to keep my milk supply up while away from my babe. This is one of my favorites!
Jacque***** Etsy
Bought this for my daughter. Just had a new baby. She really likes it. Fabric is very nice and of good quality.

Thank you for all these great reviews!