Organic Nursing Tea


1 pouch Mama Melon™ Organic Nursing Tea with 1 muslin tea sack

If you are a mom of a newborn baby then you probably know already the benefits of breastfeeding your little one. In fact the benefits of breastfeeding extend well beyond basic nutrition. Many studies have proven the positive effects on baby’s health and there is a variety of breastfeeding initiatives that develop awareness and help promote the importance of breastfeeding a baby. However, sometimes moms can experience challenges when it comes to breastfeeding. And not being able to provide enough milk supply is one of the factors.

To prepare the tea put 2 teaspoons in a tea egg or tea sack, boil 1 liter water and let the tea steep for about 15-20min. Enjoy.

Not for use during pregnancy! The tea is designed to increase breast milk production after the baby is born.

Shipping – regular ground: USD $2.50

Shipping – expedited: USD $12.50

Shipping – wholesale: USD $12.50


Mama Melon™ Organic Nursing Tea is an all natural herbal tea blend. It is designed to help boost milk supply for breastfeeding mothers, and to provide nutritional support and hydration. The tea is 100% certified organic and contains galactagogue herbs, which have been used for centuries to help promote breast milk production. The formula is carefully composed to promote the benefits of the individual ingredients in the best possible way. And unlike lower grade teabags with broken leaves or tea dust, the loose herbs in Mama Melon™ Organic Nursing Tea provide a maximum of freshness & nutritional support.

Anise and Fennel are known as carminative herbs that help ease digestion. The essential oils in Anise and Fennel also trigger the release of prolactin & oxytocin, which are both important hormones for the breast milk production. A high amount of stress hormones can have negative effects on the ability of a woman’s organism to produce breast milk. Lemon Balm is a nervine herb that is known for its calming effects on the nervous system and Shatavari for instance is often used as a hormonal balancer in traditional medicine.