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What makes our baby nursing collection special

Made with Love

Having a child is one of the most amazing things life will have for you. Truly inspiring and life changing.
Mama Melon Nursing Products - Made with Love

Eco Friendly

Our collection of purposeful products is designed to make life for moms and babies easier and to contribute to an eco friendly and sustainable life style.Mama Melon Nursing Products - Eco Friendly

West Coast Inspired

With our roots in the Greater Vancouver Fraser Valley area we are committed to provide local west coast inspired life style products.Mama Melon Nursing Products - Greater Vancouver

Mama Melon™ breastfeeding covers and nursing products have received many 5 star reviews on Etsy.

What Our Customers Say

Steffany***** Etsy
I always get compliments when wearing this scarf. It's stylish and so soft and breathable!! Needed this esp living in Hawaii!! My baby isn't sweating while eating!
Alove***** Etsy
This definitely promotes breast milk.... Drank 4 cups as instructed and in the morning had full breasts.
Jacque***** Etsy
Bought this for my daughter. Just had a new baby. She really likes it. Fabric is very nice and of good quality.
  • Wonderful tea and I feel it has really helped! I am a working mom so I have to pump at work. I am desperate to keep my milk supply up while away from my babe. This is one of my favorites!
    Kelsey, ***** Etsy
Laura***** Etsy
Nice flavor and very effective nursing tea. This coming from a momma who has troubles with milk supply.